Do you have big plans for your car or truck?

At Lanza Auto, we’re committed to helping our customers to achieve their goals. And we know that when it’s time for that new exhaust, roll cage, or other major project, you want to make sure that you’re getting maximum value. That’s why all our mandrel-bent exhausts and roll cages are custom-made, in-house, for each customer.

But wait - there’s more!

We’re more than just a bending shop. We operate Modular Conversions, a part of our business that provides products and services to help customers install the new Ford overhead cam mod motors into classic Ford vehicles. We also develop innovative accessories for Junior Dragsters.

No Project too Small...
We’re focused on customer service. So, if you’re looking for custom work at a reasonable price, and none of the attitude you get from the large shops - Give us a call!
No Project too Small...
We’re focused on customer service. So, if you’re looking for custom work at a reasonable price, and none of the attitude you get from the large shops - Give us a call!

Performance Exhaust Sales and Installation

We sell and install all types of performance exhaust

As a full-service performance exhaust shop, we sell all major brands of performance mufflers, high-flow cats, headers, and exhaust systems. Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Dynomax and Borla are but a few of the brands that we carry. If you’re looking to boost the performance and sound of your vehicle, then a system from one of these manufacturers may be a great choice for you.

YES! We have an in-house exhaust bender!

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, then we can fabricate a custom exhaust for you. How can our in-house bender help you? By providing you with a better fit, less hassle and a cleaner installation! Check out our current stock of exhaust parts:

Many sizes of stainless steel and aluminized tube.
2-bolt and 3-bolt flanges with matching gaskets.
Many sizes of clamps, saddle clamps and stainless steel band clamps.
A variety of exhaust hangers.
We carry all major brands and sizes of mufflers and high-flow cats.
In addition to our state-of-the-art bending equipment, we have a full set of end-finishing tools to fit our Huth swager/expander. This means that we can expand, reduce, and flare tubing of various sizes. We can also create OEM-style ball joints, as well as
custom-made header collectors!

So, whether you need a custom exhaust or a system from one of our many manufacturers - Lanza Auto is here to serve you. Check out our Recent Exhaust Projects page, and then give us a call!

Exhaust Prototyping and Production

Do you have an idea for a new exhaust or header?

Customers demand the best products and services. But when a solution just isn’t available on the market, you can turn to Lanza Auto to help find a solution to your needs.

We offer exhaust prototyping and production services

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art equipment and fabrication capabilities to help you turn your idea into reality. Here’s the Lanza Auto advantage:

Our in-house bender allows us to program and store/edit bend data such as angle degrees, springback and rotation. We can also track part numbers and counts. 140 programs, up to 10 bends per program. This means repeatability and quality control.
Our heavy-duty tube swager/expander allows us to make OEM-style ball joints, flares, expansions and reductions.
We have MIG and TIG welding capabilites. Mild steel, aluminized or stainless steel.
We have jig design and fabrication experience.
We listen to you and help you to arrive at solutions to your needs
We offer prototyping services at reasonable fees, and work with you to determine appropriate pricing for production runs. Give us a call to discuss further.

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